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The Circle

Category : Feature Film

Duration : 82 Min (Color)

Language : Arabic, with English subtitles

Country : United Arab Emirates, Kuwait / 2009

Production Company : MBC Group, Beyond Dreams


Synopsis : Ibrahim, a poet and a journalist, discovers that he is dying soon from a fatal disease. He confront his crook partner, Bader, and demands his share to make sure that his wife has a better life after he's gone. Shihab, a professional thief forced by his boss to do jobs for him in order to pay off a huge debt, plans to quit crime world to take care of his younger sister. They both meet accidentally just to begin seeing the world with different perspectives.


Cast :

Abdulmohsin Al-Nimer

... Ibrahim

Ali Al-Jabri

... Shihab

Nawaf Al-Janahi

... Adel

Shehab Hamza

... Rida

Ibrahim Salem

... Abu Adnan

Alaa Al-Nuaimi

... Bader


... Eman


... Al-Anood


Cinematography : Khaleefa Al-Haddad

Editing : Abbas Yousefy

Original Music & Sound Design : Taha Alajmi

Produced by : Nawaf Al-Janahi, Abdullah Boushahri

Written & Directed by : Nawaf Al-Janahi


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Their Words

:: "With it, doors begun to open on Emirati feature films" - Deborah Young (film critic, USA)


:: "A hit at the right direction - Mohammed Rouda (film critic, Lebanon)


:: "An amazing turning point in Gulf cinema" - Khalid Rabeei (film critic, Saudi Arabia)


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